The golden triangle

Refills, Gardening, and Goods. The golden triangle is a Love The Earth focused model offering a Refill Shop to support Less-Waste Living (Bath & Beauty, Kitchen & Cleaning products + Home Goods).

All products are sustainably created, compostable, and biodegradable with Mother Earth and made for the modern day human on a mission to create less waste, beautifully…

Meet the Founder

Heather Kornman is a lover of Earth, gardener, mini home-stead creator, mama, wife, and dreamer. She grew up in The South Bay, and is now raising her family here, along with dogs, cats, and chickens.

Heather is passionate about caring for Earth, and has created The golden triangle to be a platform for people to come together to fall in love with the Earth, to care for the land we live on, and embody Less Waste Living as a lifestyle.